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marrow michigan beef

If you are looking for a great place for dinner for a night out with a date, family celebration or a group dinner event, look no further than Marrow! Located at 8044 Kercheval Ave in Detroit, Marrow integrates a bar, restaurant and butcher shop under one roof!

I’ve been to Marrow twice in 2 months to celebrate family birthdays and each time I was impressed with the layers of flavor in every dish.

I used to go to the now defunct Republic for their tasting menu and was happy to find Marrow’s menu provided a similar tasting experience. After doing some reading on past Marrow news articles, I learned Sarah Welch, the former executive chef at Republic, was now the executive chef at Marrow! I had actually remarked that the menu reminded me of Republic!

I don’t know anything about chefs or the inner workings of the Detroit food scene – I just like the food!

Marrow currently offers a 5 course prix-fixe tasting menu for $60 per person that changes monthly. Marrow provides an awesome, flavorful and changing tasting menu that offers 2 choices per course. The bar also changes their cocktail menu and provides great libations to accommodate your meal!

Below are a few pics from my first trip to Marrow.

Marrow Detroit May 7 2021 Visit

Everything on this menu was simply fantastic! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Shrimp Toast or the Pastrami Sablefish – which coincidentally I did not get a picture as I was too engrossed in my Steak and Eggs course. The shrimp toast featured well buttered slices of Zingerman’s sourdough with small pickled shrimp. The Pastrami Sablefish had a smokey pastrami rub that gave the impression the fish itself was smoked. So good! Of course, I also recommended their beef entree – since you’re in a butcher shop! The Steak and Eggs was equally amazing!

Marrow June 12 2021 Visit

The charcuterie board at both visits was excellent and I recommend the cherry-habanero jam. It is sweet and spicy and is a great start to an amazing dinner. The second course featured the 7 layer tartare or the asparagus mushroom bao. A bao is a Chinese steamed bun filled with a variety of fillings (I had to look it up). Both were excellent although I’d pick the bao over the tartare. Thankfully I didn’t have too because my wife ordered the tartare.

Of course, the Michigan Beef was an excellent dish with a horseradish cream sauce that wasn’t too spicy. The pickled mustard seed also provided a contrast and more levels of flavor.

I really need to look at my copy of The Flavor Bible and start learning how to combine these flavors!

Marrow has become my favorite restaurant in Detroit in 2021. While you plan your visit to Marrow, browse the pictures on their Facebook page to see what types of meals await you!

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